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​International Procurement Service

□ Support International Procurement operation.
□ Designbest transportation and quality assurance.
​□ Support various business model flexibly.
□ Reduction of total procurement operation cost.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing of Functional Parts

​□ One-stop service of various functional parts.
​□ Manufactire by GAST partners and Quality assurance by GAST.
​□ Supplier Quality Engineering by GAST staff.

Warehouse management operations

​□ Receiving, shipping management.
​□ Temporary storage of luggage.

In order to respond to "technological innovation needs", GAST JAPAN Co.Ltd is taking on the challenge of discovering, investigating, and commercializing "new functional material technologies", "new production technologies", and the like.

We aim to contribute to the industrial world as a technology trading company of various advanced functional parts by utilizing our broad network based on partnerships with partner companies and affiliated factories in Japan and overseas. 


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