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​Innovative Engineering & Trading Company

Our Vision

GAST JAPAN, named Global Associates for Smart Technology, has been in business for 20 years. In the rapidly changing global economic environment, GAST is being also affected by it, but we have responded to the needs of the market by making use of our extensive network, quality assurance system, and cooperative relationships with overseas partner companies. GAST JAPAN aims to be a technical trading company that manufactures more fulfilling parts and products while making the most of what we have been involved with.

​We will continue to evolve ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to support the management of our customers and lead them to a comfortable future.

​GAST JAPAN - Philosophy

​Corporate Philosophy

​Contributing to industry through information resear

​Activities Philosophy

​Creation of the leading Edge Technology

Founding Philosophy

​Foundation of the place where the next-generation youths can challenge globally


​International Procurement Service

□ Support International Procurement operation.
□ Design best transportation and quality assurance.
​□ Supporrt vaious business models flexibly.
​□ Reduction of total procurement operation cost.

​Vertically Integrated Manufacturing of Functional Parts

□ One-stop service of various functional parts.
□ Manufacture by GAST partners and Quality assurance by GAST.
​□ Supplier Quality Engineering by GAST staff.

Warehouse management operations

□ Receiving, shipping management
□ Temporary storage of luggage

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